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I,m Alberto Armentero, but!? I,m Known as Toonyman a self made Passionate Artist without the influence of others. This make Me rare, original and a True Artist, I,m probably the First of it's kind. Remember me as The Toonyman, the Man without Influence.

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Posted by ToonymanStudios - May 4th, 2015



I don't have my laptop with me anymore. All Toonyman Studio Projects are on hold until futher notice. I still have a couple more videos already uploaded here so until I get a new laptop I won't be able to produce anymore projects. This includes My website and other sites related toonyman studios. This also means I won't have Internet for a while So keep coming back until then. I will make a new post when I return. This is Toonyman the Man without influences signing out!....











Posted by ToonymanStudios - March 18th, 2015


The Stomps also known as "The Stomp Man" is a New! Toonyman Style Original Cartoon Series Coming to Newgrounds.

The Stomp Man #CNSG7-TTF4K-3X7JU


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Posted by ToonymanStudios - February 28th, 2015


This is an old How to Draw Show and Tells Trailer, I had Stash up and decide to release it. I did a tiny modification but hopefully I will make a newer ones. I like showing a lot of my old work, in that way you can notice and or compare the changes in me and my work as the years go by.

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Posted by ToonymanStudios - February 21st, 2015

This the How to Draw Show and Tells Series (Part 00)


^^^ The Introductory Mix Series Part. 0 ^^^

How To Draw Show And Tells: This is a Show Where,
I Toonyman Draws, Tells, Teach Or Shows Something Related
to Art In Many Forms And In My Own Ways.

These Series are a Bunch of Mix and Introduction to the How to Draw Show and Tells Series.
There's currently a Total of 5 Series Planned. This being the first Series Part. 0 with a Level difficulty of 0. Everything is in baby steps it's loose drawings and Art Stuff nothing too serious for these Series.

Note: How to Draw Show and Tells is the name of the Show! it those not mean is a how to draw Series. it's a Mix of Art related Topics Demonstrating My own Techniques and Show Casing My work. There is a learning part but not for these Series. This Series are a mix and samples of what to expect when the real and or next series arrive.

Full Title of the Next Series:
How to Draw Show and Tells Daycare Series Part. 1(WIP).

PS: I,m Currently building a Website(WIP) with tons of content. Therefore all i,m doing now is creating, Pilots-Bits and Introductory and some other smaller works, this is, so as to also showcase My work and what I do. All of this is minimalistic and kept simple until the real stuff. this will also help build more content for the website and give me Recognition as well as a few Fans.


^^^ The New Series Part. 1 (WIP for Website, and also it be uploaded Here and Youtube). ^^^

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Posted by ToonymanStudios - December 29th, 2014

Battaman OUT NOW!

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