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I,m Alberto Armentero, but!? I,m Known as Toonyman a self made Passionate Artist without the influence of others. This make Me rare, original and a True Artist, I,m probably the First of it's kind. Remember me as The Toonyman, the Man without Influence.

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toonyman studios is on hold

Posted by ToonymanStudios - May 4th, 2015



I don't have my laptop with me anymore. All Toonyman Studio Projects are on hold until futher notice. I still have a couple more videos already uploaded here so until I get a new laptop I won't be able to produce anymore projects. This includes My website and other sites related toonyman studios. This also means I won't have Internet for a while So keep coming back until then. I will make a new post when I return. This is Toonyman the Man without influences signing out!....











Comments (1)

Hm.... for a man without influences, you certainly borrowed from real life magic shows, if that drawing above is yours. And you'd also be borrowing from real life from the sketches I've seen.

A man without influences would probably do something that is so completely out of this world, unrelated to culture, human, animal or plant life... and even creating a fantastical creature is an idea that is already done. You see what I mean?

I'm the man without influences all my characters are 100% natural and in my very own styles with the exception of nature herself which is giving to us by default my influence are not from people or other artist they are 100% my very own characters without the influence of others except nature which is giving on to us by default as I mention above. I'm a rare breed I'm the only one who can tell you that. There's no body else like me out there and I'm just getting started. Besides this is an old character before my discovery of natural style. I still have old characters which I plan on converting to my natural style. In the end I can still go back to old methods But that's not me anymore. don't worry, because this is new I will let you all know which styles I'm using "the stomps" cartoon and "a what if cartoons" are examples of my natural styles.